Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Back to School, Woo Hoo

Homestead Dad and Sweet Pea

NOTE:  The following post was slated to be posted on August 6, 2012.  I never posted it.  But here I am, again.  I AM going to start this blog back up.  It has been such a dream of mine and I refuse to let it go this time.  I am posting this anyway just to share my heart at the time.  Looking forward to posting again and connecting.  Here is the post from 2012:

Wow.  Where does the time go?  I really was going to just shut this blog down since I no longer seemed to have the time to work on it.  But, it was something I so wanted to do for myself.  I wanted to share and connect with other moms.  I have learned so much from so many of my other blogging friends. I have been able to supplement my homeschool curriculum with so many awesome resources.  I now have some who ask me where to connect with some of these great resources.

I have decided now is a great time to start back up.  It's back to school time, even though I tend to school my little guy year round.  We did take off a little more time off than I had planned this summer, so I am anxious to get going again strong and finish getting us caught up.  Be watching for lots of future updates on here.  I hope to really grow the area of suggested homeschool sites and resources to check out.  I will even be doing a give away very soon!

For those of you that faithfully followed and supported me before, we are still fostering.  It has been an interesting roller coaster and I still don't have great faith in the system, but we are in this for the kids.  We had a 5 year old that was able to transition back home last year.  We soon got a 2 year old girl last fall that is still with us.  We had a newborn for a short time, but then were not able to keep him.  We were all very sad to have to let him go.  Sweet pea still talks about him all the time.  Of course the 2 year old was happier because she got to be the baby again!  She is quite a handful and we are so very attached.  In all the transitions, we also made the decision to change agencies and we are much happier with that decision.

How was your summer? Are you ready to begin the new school year?  Would love to hear any suggestions or new stuff you plan on accomplishing this school year.

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