Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is My Worth Far Above Rubies? Part I

Once, when asked to give my testimony on our marriage I thought, “How could I?”  After all, we certainly haven’t had the perfect marriage, nor has it been perfected to this day.  But, then I was reminded (by the Holy Spirit) that God calls us to complete and immediate obedience.  I was asked to provide something that I did indeed have, and must praise God for!

My husband and I have been married 17 years.  We have four children.  The three older children are my husband's from previous relationships (including two marriages).  I also have been divorced.  God hates divorce and I have first hand experience as to why he does.  However, we serve a mighty God who is in the business of restoring lives.

After a nightmare marriage (to my first husband) of mental torment and infidelity, I found myself wanting to be alone and had no desire to marry again.  I was not saved at the time and did not understand God’s desire for oneness and that He has a plan for each of our lives.  My marriage to my now (and forever) husband was not God’s perfect plan.  God does not desire that anyone be divorced.  However, because He is an all knowing and all loving God, He knew about the restoration that would occur in our lives.  Come back later for more of this story! 

Rubies in the rough photo courtesy of GlennPeb via stock.xchng


  1. Your story bears some similarities to my own. I truly look forward to reading more. I'm a new follower, found you on the Sunday Hop!

  2. Thanks Andie. I'll follow you back. Looking forward to getting to know you!! Love your blog design!

  3. I read all the parts of your story and commented on Part III. Thanks for sharing this with us on NOBH!


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